Edit your workflow settings

How to edit your workflow settings

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Geekbot lets you tweak all sorts of settings for your workflows. You just need 'Manage privileges' to be enabled for the workflow you're looking to modify. If you're the creator, you have this privilege by default β€” and you can enable it for other participants, too.

For instructions on member privileges you can read more here.

You manage workflows in your Geekbot dashboard, which you can access by:

  1. Logging in via the Geekbot website; or,

  2. Typing dashboard or login to Geekbot in Slack/MS Teams.

Once logged in, you have several options.

Edit Your Workflow

To edit your workflow from the dashboard, find it under 'My workflows' and click Manage.

You'll now see all the available workflow configurations as 'blocks,' which you can click to make an edit. You can tweak almost any detail (that is unless a specific workflow preset prohibits a certain update).

The blocks let you configure the following settings:

Sounds simple? Click on the hyperlinks and get to know more on how to edit your workflows 😊

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