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Broadcast settings & how to set team reminders.

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Workflow reports are posted by Geekbot to the channel(s) of your choice. Click the block to see the channels where Geekbot can post and feel free to pick as many as you like 😊

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you use Slack, you can also include a private channel by following this guide.

Threaded Replies

Keep your Slack channels clutter-free with Geekbot's "Threaded Replies". When enabled, all Geekbot reports will be neatly compiled under a single thread in your chosen channel.

So instead of having multiple individual posts, you'll have a streamlined view of all Geekbot interactions in one place, ensuring important discussions don't get lost in the noise.

To enable/disable "Threaded Replies" for your workflows, click on the Broadcast block and switch the toggle ON/OFF.

πŸ’‘ Threaded Replies are currently exclusive to Slack β€” but MS Teams users, rest assured: we're continually working to expand our feature set, so stay tuned for updates!

Anonymize Replies

If you want to run an anonymous survey, this option is for you. It ensures all responses in the channel and the dashboard are entirely anonymous. Simply switch the toggle ON to enable anonymized replies.

🚨 Important: This setting cannot be reverted.

Engagement Summary

A gentle way to remind teammates that haven't reported is to enable the engagement summary. Geekbot will send a summary that mentions who's reported, who hasn't, and who's out of office.

You can find more information here.

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