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Well-being check-in

Learn how to set up your well-being workflow in just a few clicks!

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Give your teammates a chance to talk about their happiness, mental health, work-life balance, and more, entirely anonymously. We built this workflow with the best wellness practices in mind, aiming to set your team up for success.

How to add this workflow

It's a simple 4-step process:

1. Add Geekbot to your workspace/team

2. Select the Well-being check-in templates page

3. Include your teammates from the Participants block

4. Select a broadcast channel to post reports

And don't forget to publish your settings πŸ™

It really is that simple. Geekbot will then let your teammates know about the new workflow and when they can expect their first ping πŸ˜„

Best practices

  1. Reports are anonymous in Slack, MS Teams and also in your Geekbot dashboard.

  2. Analyze the data by downloading a CSV and compiling the results in a spreadsheet.

  3. Well-being check-ins also work as one-time workflows scheduled for a specific day to gather data from your whole team.

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