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Learn how to set up your today I learned workflow in just a few clicks!

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From tiny nuggets of info to huge scientific discoveries to nifty little hacks, Today I Learned (TIL) is a great way to share what you know with your team. Geekbot TILs turn Slack and MS Teams into an information hub. A workflow designed to help your team talk about what they know and make knowledge-sharing fun.

How to add this workflow

It's a simple 4-step process:

1. Add Geekbot to your workspace/team

2. Select the Today I Learned templates page

3. Include your teammates from the Participants block

4. Select a broadcast channel to post reports

And don't forget to publish your settings πŸ™

It really is that simple. Geekbot will then let your teammates know about the new workflow and when they can expect their first ping πŸ˜„

Best practices

  1. Select a quieter channel suited to more relaxed conversation

  2. Use this workflow as a way to foster a culture of collaboration

  3. Be diligent with your reports and make this a valuable source for everyone to refer (and contribute!) to

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