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Learn how to set up your product changelog workflow in just a few clicks!

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People need to know when something changes. Geekbot’s Product Changelog workflow lets you ask questions like “What changed with the product today?” or “What changed in the funnel today?” not only creating a traceable log for you to access but keeping your team in sync with what's deployed and when.

How to add this workflow

It's a simple 4-step process:

1. Add Geekbot to your workspace/team

2. Select the Product Changelog templates page

3. Include your teammates from the Participants block

4. Select a broadcast channel to reports

And don't forget to publish your settings 🙏

It really is that simple. Geekbot will then let your teammates know about the new workflow and when they can expect their first ping 😄

Best practices

  1. Avoid chit-chat and stick to the information that matters

  2. Pick a broadcast channel focused on important topics so that everyone sees the updates

  3. Update the report consistently so that it becomes a single source of truth for your team

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