Questions & Intro/Outro configuration

Setting up questions made easy. Tips & tricks to customize and configure questions to suit your needs.

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Your first option is to select the question type:

  • Single question: All participants will receive this same question

  • Random question: Create a list of questions from which Geekbot will send one, at random, to your team

Now you can edit the question itself, which you can do directly through the input field (feel free to use emojis πŸ˜‰). You can also set the answer type by choosing one of three different options:

  • Plain Text: Accepts free text and images

  • Numerical: Accepts only numeric responses

  • Predefined: Works just like multiple choice

Each question will have its own widget under 'Insights,' making it easier for you to digest your data 😊

Finally, let's look at question prompts. Prompts show the participant the last response to any question you choose, which can help them avoid re-writing something they mentioned in a previous report.


Intros and outros are a great way to get Geekbot to reflect your team's unique culture. Editing is straightforward, we simply suggest you write a short and descriptive 'Welcome' or 'Thank you' message.

Variables are another way to make the workflow more personal. Display the list of variables by hovering over the three dots on the right-hand side of the text box.

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