Geekbot lets you tweak all sorts of settings for standups, you just need the right group privileges. If you are the standup/survey creator, you have these privileges by default — while you can give them to other report members as well. Learn more about member privileges here.

You configure your standups/surveys in the dashboard, which you access either by:

  1. Logging in via the Geekbot website; or,

  2. Typing dashboard or login to Geekbot in Slack.

Once logged in, you have several options.

Edit Your Standup/Survey

To edit a report from the dashboard, find the standup, and click manage.

Report View Title bar manage.png

You'll see all the configurations you set for the standup — and you can make any changes you want before saving your preferences.

Manage Basic.png

Even for humans, it's a piece of 🍰.

Add/Remove Participants

It's just as easy to update who's in your reporting group. You can manage all of this from the same page:

  • Add a team member by going to the 'Participants' tab, typing their name, and hitting enter (or add several members at once by syncing your entire channel member list to the Geekbot standup/survey using the toggle in the top-right of the screen)

  • Or remove someone by finding the right name in the list and clicking Remove — it's right next to the bin icon

...and don't forget to hit Save once you're done! 👈

Manage Participants.png

Delete/Pause/Duplicate a Standup/Survey

There's even a quick way to amend the reporting schedule (or delete a standup entirely). You do this using the 'Advanced' tab found at the top of the screen, which gives you the option to Pause, Duplicate or Delete a standup.

  • If you pause a standup, you can resume it at any time via the same button: Geekbot will simply alert participants in the channel when a standup is paused (and stop associated notifications) and will not comment again until the standup resumes

  • A duplicated standup/survey maintains all the original settings apart from the group's name: Geekbot will ask for a new one and won't fire out any notifications

  • If you delete a standup, it's gone for good: there is no undo, you have been warned ☠️

Manage Advanced.png

And that's all (for now!) for standup settings — if you want to see something new, you can always fill in this survey to submit your feature request 🚀

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