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Track all your team's reported tasks and activity into a visual Gantt chart over time.

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Workflow participants mention all sorts of activities in their daily reports, including meetings, project-related tasks, and simple day-to-day actions. But if the frequency of the mentions varies, is it possible to see the temporal relationship between each activity at a glance?

The answer is yes, all thanks to Activity Viewer. This Geekbot feature transforms natural language reports into a visual Gantt chart that lists all user tasks over time. You can use it to browse tasks completed by a user in a month, quarter, semester, or year.

You can view multiple users' tasks at once β€” you can even filter by specific terms or workflows to see how a project has evolved in the context of its activities.

Activity Viewer Helps You To:

  • View the tasks associated with a team member over time

  • View repeated activities as one recurring activity

  • Identify relationships between activities

  • Monitor workloads and spot trends in task completion

  • See how a project evolves according to search terms

Use Case: Keywords Search

Let's say you want to see how much effort has been devoted to bug-fixes in a given period. You can enter the keywords bug* OR debug* in the 'Filters' dropdown, then select all users to get the related tasks alongside a description and duration.

Use Case: Project Evolution

Imagine you run a project called "Dashboard," which involves multiple team members. You want to examine the project's evolution up to now, as depicted by the completion of various related tasks.

If you enter the keyword Dashboard and select the people associated with the project, you'll see which tasks have been done by whom β€” alongside the order of completion.

Use Case: Yearly Activity Review

The time has come to get a bird's-eye view of @Jenny's activity throughout the year. You can do this by entering the yearly view through which you'll see all the tasks she completed this year.

You can hover over actions to see details and use the chart to spot trends or periods of high (or low activity). In this instance, you can see that in May and June, @Jenny was super productive, while in July, she worked a little slower due to her summer vacation.

πŸ’‘ Keep in mind that Geekbot needs a week's worth of report updates to enable the Ai features and visualize them in the dashboard.

If you can think of another way to get more from this feature, let us know: the Geekbot support team wants to hear your ideas πŸ€“

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