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Learn how to enable the team happiness feature that will help you monitor your team's morale over time

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Team Happiness gives you an easy way to monitor squad happiness over time. Geekbot measures team sentiment by quantifying the natural language responses in each team member's reports, associating words and phrases with positive and negative emotions.

The trusty bot then plots overall happiness levels as two curves on a Team Happiness graph so that you can identify trends over time, spot peaks (and troughs), and start to understand the events that trigger a particular response.

How Geekbot Monitors Sentiment

Geekbot uses a sophisticated algorithm to extract sentiment from workflow responses, using emojis, one-word answers (like "fine”), even whole sentences where members describe their current state of emotions. The bot then classifies the results into three categories: Happy, Neutral, and Unhappy.

How To Activate Team Happiness

Team Happiness needs a team to answer just one question: 'How do you feel today?'. If this question is not already one of your workflows' questions, just add it through the configuration on the dashboard and publish your changes. Once Geekbot has collected at least one week's worth of responses, it can start to plot the graph on your dashboard.

If you can think of another way to get more from this feature, let us know: the Geekbot support team wants to hear your ideas 🤓

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