Ai features: Team Topics

Get an overview of the activities your team has focused on in a given time period.

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The Team Topics feature by Geekbot gives an overview of the activities a team has focused on in a given period. Typical topics include meetings, customer support tickets, and debugging: items that often involve more than one person β€” and you can filter topics by keywords, time period, or team members.

Team Topics Help You To:

  • View the topics of interest to the team by time period

  • View a breakdown of team member involvement across topics

  • Filter topics by specific keywords, team members, or workflows

  • Pinpoint the areas of participation for a team member within the overall topic spectrum

  • Pinpoint the degree of involvement for a team member for any given topic

Use Case: Team Activities

Team Activities returns the ten most important topics in a team. The feature ranks topics based on various metrics, including the number of participants, the duration, and the number of reports that mention the topic.

The top-ranking topics usually involve multiple members, such as meetings, team events, or seminars. Hovering over a team member will highlight their associated topics β€” while hovering over a topic will highlight all participating members.

Use Case: Keyword Search

There will be times when you want to limit the scope of your search. Say you're interested in seeing what activities related to a keyword took place in your team during a given period. In this instance, you can enter the keyword meet* in the 'Filters' dropdown to see meetings for the past month β€” alongside who participated in those meetings.

πŸ’‘ Keep in mind that Geekbot needs a week's worth of report updates to enable the Ai features and visualize them in the dashboard.

If you can think of another way to get more from this feature, let us know: the Geekbot support team wants to hear your ideas πŸ€“

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