Standup owners tell Geekbot when to run a report, either on a daily or weekly schedule or as a one-off, unscheduled report. If you take part in a daily or weekly standup, then take a look at the 'Scheduled Standups/Surveys' section.

Scheduled Standups/Surveys

The standup owner configures the day(s) and time to send a report, as well as who should receive the questions. When that time comes, Geekbot will send a direct message to every participant that includes the first question β€” just like you see below.

Geekbot typically offers a Quick Action to speed up the answering process. If so, simply choose an option from the drop-down.

When you're done answering the questions, Geekbot will post a complete update to the broadcast channel set by the standup admin (this lets you β€” and all your teammates β€” review each other's reports as each one rolls in).

πŸ’‘ Tip: There's no need to think of every last detail as you fill in each answer. You can edit previous responses while answering the next question, or even after submitting your report.

So, it's never too late to add β€” or revise β€” a response.

If you're busy with a task, you can choose to complete a report later. Geekbot will send reminders to fill it in: you can configure the frequency of reminders in your personal preferences in the dashboard.

β€” "Whoops, sorry boss, I missed all my Geekbot prompts and reminders!?"

If this sounds like you, not to worry. You can manually trigger any report by typing report directly to Geekbot, and you’ll get a list of the standups that are awaiting your responses β€” and that's it for scheduled standups/surveys!

If you need to respond to an unscheduled standup, the next section is for you πŸ€“

Unscheduled Standups/Surveys

If you are a member of an unscheduled standup, you can report whenever the need arises: simply type report directly to Geekbot to see the list of the standups awaiting your response.

If you know which standup you want to complete, type report plus the name of the standup to see the first question (just like in the example below πŸ‘‡).

Reporting Guidelines 🚨

It's essential to make the most of every report. That's why Geekbot offers several guidelines for you to follow, which will help your teammates see what's important.

  • Every answer should be 'short yet substantial' (this lets people work fast yet efficiently)

  • Avoid long sentences or an over-analysis of tasks

  • Be clear, concise, and consistent in how you describe your tasks so that your teammates can quickly grasp progress

If you’re working on multiple tasks, an easy way to report on each one is to create a list. To format: press `Shift+Enter` to add a line break in your message, then add a dash - before each item to present the information as a list.

If you need help from a teammate, remember to include @mentions in your response to instantly alert someone to your call.

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