How to schedule an email summary?

All you need to know for creating email summaries from your team reports

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Geekbot's email summary is the perfect way to catch up on everything you've missed, all at once. Each summary contains a rundown of what your teammates have worked on β€” alongside report updates made since the last email.

You can schedule them daily or weekly at a time that suits you: Geekbot designed email summaries with your individual preferences in mind.

If that's what they are, let's learn how to schedule one! πŸ‘

Schedule an email summary

To schedule an email summary, you need to start at Geekbots' dashboard (quick note: if you're participating in multiple workflows, you will have to set up an email summary for each workflow separately).

  1. Find the workflow you're looking for from your list of workflows

  2. Click on the workflow name to access its settings

3. Click My Preferences to access your personal preferences for this workflow

4. Scroll down to the email summary settings

5. Pick the days and time you'd like to receive them

...then be sure to hit Save to store your changes (the save button is in the top-right corner)β€” and that's it!

Your email summary is set and on its way πŸ’Œ

πŸ’‘ While you can't add external emails to receive the email summary, you can use our Zapier integration to share the report with almost any external service of your choice.

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