How to personalize your workflow settings?

Enable your team to have their own personal schedule in order to report at their own time.

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Workflow members can personalize their reporting settings. The configurations include setting a reminder to report, whether to receive an email summary of reporting activity or modifying the time (and time-zone) of notifications.

Before members can tweak these settings, the group administrator must first give them the right privileges on the workflow in question, which they do by:

  1. Editing the workflow

  2. Selecting the 'Trigger by Schedule' block

  3. Toggling 'Personalize' to 'On'

...oh, and always remember to hit Publish when you're done! πŸ‘ˆ

Workflow participants

If you're a participant, you can now manage your settings by selecting 'My Preferences' in the respective workflow, which you'll find in your dashboard.

From here, you can:

  1. Choose when you want to receive notifications

  2. Confirm the frequency of reminders (or switch them off)

  3. Set the day and time to see an email summary of your team's activity

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you can't manage your settings under 'My Preferences,' ask the admin of the workflow to check 'Personalize' is toggled 'On' under the 'Schedule' card.

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