What is Geekbot?

All you need to know about one of smartest bots in the industry

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Geekbot is a handy helper that integrates seamlessly into Slack or MS Teams.

You can use it to create workflows, team surveys, and general updates that run asynchronously. Meaning your team can stay up-to-date and in-sync, even across timezones— all without breaking a sweat.

  • Geekbot enables a streamlined workflow that never impinges on daily tasks

  • Geekbot leaves you to focus on output as it collates responses in the background

  • Geekbot broadcasts all necessary information to any chosen channel in Slack or MS Teams

It's the perfect solution for teams that like to focus. Yet, Geekbot still feels human: working with it is like working with any of your teammates — the bot messages questions, you message back!

Run workflows, surveys, feedback forms, and more

Geekbot offers more than just standups and sprint retrospectives. You can use it to complement physical face-to-face meetings or take processes entirely online by scheduling an array of reports, including:

  • Confidential feedback surveys

  • Product change-logs

  • Mistake logs

  • Team bonding surveys

...or whatever custom workflow you can dream of — yes, Geekbot has created templates for you, but you're free to create your own as well.

And Geekbot doesn't stop at broadcasting replies.

It applies smart analytics to bring you insights on task progress over time, the correlation between team members and tasks, how long activities take, how your team is feeling, and much more — check what you can track below:

  • Team Happiness: Visualize how your team is feeling using sentiment charts

  • Insights: Gain insights into the responses to specific questions (e.g., see all the blockers your team has reported today)

  • Activity Viewer: Get an overview of all reported tasks via a Gantt chart

  • Team Topics: See a cluster report of what your team members are talking about

Are you worried this isn't enough? Worry no more. Geekbot lets you download all responses in .csv format, leaving you free to work your own magic.

Still not enough...? Well, there's still more!

  • Access the Geekbot API and customize Geekbot any way you like

  • Create any webhook you can imagine

  • Use our Zapier integration to mix-and-match Geekbot with other apps

And finally... the cherries on the icing on the cake

To cap it all off, we've thrown in a few higher-level summaries, letting you step back from the detail to admire the bigger picture:

  • Engagement Summaries: Let Geekbot post a summary of your team participation directly in the broadcast channel and nudge any participant who's yet to report

  • Email Summaries: Collect all the responses in one consolidated report to catch up on what’s happened or share progress with a colleague

  • Conversational Analytics: Ask Geekbot questions about your team's sentiment, specific tasks, and current progress to avoid searching through endless user reports (not supported on MS Teams)

Ready to chat with Geekbot yourself? It's waiting for you to come say 'Hi' 👋

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