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How to enable engagement summaries for your workflows?
How to enable engagement summaries for your workflows?

Learn how to extract the engagement summary of your team

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Geekbot can post an engagement summary showing team participation, as well as nudge any team member who's yet to report. The workflow owner just needs to turn the option on from the dashboard β€” and select a time to broadcast the update.

Geekbot will post a summary in the same channel it broadcasts the reports, so everyone can see how their teammates are getting on β€” the update includes:

  • The participation percentage

  • Whether a participant has been offline or out of office

  • Team sentiment analysis

  • Number of blockers mentioned by the team well as a little motivation from your one-and-only Geekbot. πŸš€

Engagement Commands

Geekbot also knows some direct commands to help you track your team's reporting progress. For a weekly update, type engagement, and Geekbot will send you an engagement summary every week. For a daily summary, type engagement today.

The above commands will include all your team's workflows. To look at a specific workflow, just add the name. Say, you want to look at a workflow called 'Daily'

You can request the weekly update by typing engagement Daily β€” for a daily overview, type engagement today Daily.

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