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How to sync all Slack channel members to a workflow
How to sync all Slack channel members to a workflow

Enable the sync setting in your workflow configuration and automate the process of adding or removing members

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This short explainer shows how Geekbot's Sync to Channel feature can enhance your workflow management.

The powerful feature eliminates the need for the manual addition (or removal) of participants in your workflows by automating the process. Geekbot syncs all channel members in real time, freeing you to focus on more strategic tasks.

Adding your Slack channel participants has never been easier.

Syncing all channel members to a workflow

  1. Log in to your Geekbot dashboard and access the workflow settings

  2. Click 'Participants' at the top of the workflow

  3. Toggle 'on' Sync to channel

  4. Select the channel that you wish to sync

...and you're done! As if by magic, all the members of the Slack channel will appear as participants in the workflow ✨ β€” oh, and lest we forget ...

Be sure to click Publish as the final step πŸ˜‰

πŸ’‘ Tip: Sync to channel works with private Slack channels, too. For more info, look here. ➑️

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