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Does Geekbot charge my entire workspace/organization?
Does Geekbot charge my entire workspace/organization?

Fair billing at it's finest!

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Geekbot likes people to stay in sync. And this applies to our price plans as much as your daily workflows. That's why the bot will never hit your team with an unexpected charge or ask you to pay for a member who doesn't actually use Geekbot's service.

Want more clarity? Let's look at an example.

  • Say you have a workspace/organization with 100 members...

  • ...but only 15 of them participate in workflows...

  • ......if that's the case, you'll only pay for those 15 users.

Pretty cool, right? But wait, the best is yet to come. If any team member is removed from your workflows for any reason, Geekbot will refund your account with Geekbot credits β€” guaranteeing your business never pays over the odds 😎

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