Some reports require more confidentiality than others. Think one-to-ones, employee feedback forms, and other less public communications: the kinds of comms that need a less visible Slack channel to broadcast the results.

Geekbot helps you keep these secrets, secret — all you need to do is invite your trusty bot to a private Slack channel by following the instructions below:

⚠️Privacy Note: Before you invite the bot to a private channel, be aware that whoever is part of the standup has access to Geekbot's dashboard and can view your private reports.

  1. Go to the Slack channel in question

  2. Type /invite @geekbot as a message

Geekbot invite to channel.png

3. Press 'Enter' (you should see a message that Geekbot has now joined the channel)

Geekbot invited message.png

4. Go back to the standup settings on Geekbot's dashboard to set the channel

5. If nothing appears in step 4, try a hard refresh 🔃

...and remember, always hit Save to store your changes 👈

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