If you want to get insights on demand directly through Slack, just ask Geekbot! 😄 You can ask about sentiment, specific tasks, team or individual activity, duration a member has been working on a task and more. For example let's say you want to ask about the progress of a task a team member has been working on. Make sure you are not in the middle of a standup report and type:

What has @dwayne done on bug fixes since last month?

Here are a few examples of questions Geekbot understands:

  • How is @dwayne feeling today?

  • How is the team doing this month?

  • What has @dwayne been working on since Monday?

  • What is the team working on this week?

  • Who worked on bug fixes since April?

  • How long is @dwayne working on bug fixes?

  • What has @dwayne done on bug fixes since last month?

💡 It is important to use @mentions, task names and time periods to receive explicit responses to your questions. Also, it's mandatory to use question marks (?) while asking these type of questions.

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