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How to create an ad-hoc workflow?

Unscheduled workflows made easy! Learn how to create yours in 3 easy steps

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Sometimes, work calls for one-off workflows or unscheduled surveys. Ad-hoc updates allow you to report only when needed, without having to fit in with a specific timeline β€” or keep on snoozing needless reminders.

Simply type the Report command into Slack. And the unscheduled report will wait for you to trigger a question (instead of requesting updates based on a set schedule).

There are three steps to switching the schedule option off:

  1. Go to workflow settings in your dashboard

  2. Select the 'Schedule' block

  3. Click the toggle to the left, so it shows as 'Off'

...and you're off! Now, everyone can get back to focusing on work and only report if the team needs an update πŸ˜„

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