There are two ways to add a new standup with Geekbot.

You can either (1) go to your Geekbot dashboard and press the + New Standup button in the top right of the screen — or, you can (2) go to the menu bar and click the + New standup button at the top of the list.

It doesn't matter which path you choose. Once you click the button, you'll see the templates page and can pick the option that best suits your needs.

Templates have predefined settings, so you only need to configure a few things — like the report name and schedule, the channel to which Geekbot should post the updates, and the team members you'd like to include.

There are a few more settings you can configure if you create a custom standup or survey — whichever report you choose, always click Save when you finish so that Geekbot can apply your settings and create your standup/survey.

...and there you have it! Adding a standup is as simple as that. 🎉

Now, Geekbot will alert team members to the new report, sending a short message both to the broadcast channel as well as each individual. Expect a warm welcome 👋 alongside the details of when the first standup will take place.

💡For more instructions on creating a standup, check "How to create your first standup"

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