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How do you cancel a subscription?
How do you cancel a subscription?

Easily cancel your subscription with Geekbot, sad to see you go :(

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Geekbot knows things can change, which is why it's so simple to update a subscription. Whether you want to pause a specific workflow or cancel your subscription outright, every option is easy:

  • Pause: Go to your dashboard and hit pause on any or all of your workflows, then Geekbot will pause billing as well; once you resume your workflows, your subscription will be enabled automatically.

  • Cancel: Remove the Geekbot integration from Slack, and all your bills will vanish.


Go to the Geekbot app in Slack and access Geekbot's settings under the About tab.

In Slack: Settings & administration --> Manage Apps --> find the Geekbot app --> Configuration

At the bottom of the app's settings you will find the Remove App button.

...and what if you have unused time left over? Geekbot will store your remaining days or months as a credit on your account. That way, if you choose to resume the service, you can do so right away without paying again.

MS Teams:

To cancel your subscription on MS Teams please go through the following steps:

  • Open Microsoft Teams.

  • Go to your team settings (...)

  • Click on Manage Team option in your team's settings

  • Switch to the Apps tab

  • Find Geekbot and press the Uninstall πŸ—‘ icon.

You are all set!

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