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Administration Section: Who Can Use It? And How?
Administration Section: Who Can Use It? And How?

There is an administration section where you can access and edit all the workflows in order to adjust everything based on your team needs.

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Geekbot offers a centralized Admin Panel where Slack admins and workspace owners can manage their workflows, update the configuration, add or remove participants β€” and much, much more.

πŸ’‘Tip: If you're not an admin or workspace owner, but you need to access the configuration of a particular workflow, just ask someone with admin or workspace owner rights to grant you management privileges for the workflow in question.

Once the privileges are in place, you'll find the Admin Panel in the Administration section β€” as shown below:

Dashboard Home Admin button.png

When you click the Administration icon, you'll see all the information related to the workflows to which you have access rights (by 'all the information,' we mean you'll see the following):

  • The workflow status

  • The people assigned to the workflow

  • The Slack channel(s) to which the workflow belongs

The panel presents the details in a simple format, as you can see below β€” and you access individual workflow settings by clicking Manage.

When you click Manage, you'll enter the control panel for the specific workflow.

Given you're a Slack admin or a workspace owner, you can update any of the settings you like: from amending basic details like the workflow name to adding or removing channels that receive a broadcast.

If you want to alter the questions participants receive, modify the sending schedule, or update user privileges, you can do that too.

For the advanced users among you: you can also pause or duplicate a workflow under the Advanced tab.

...and if a workflow has outlived its useful life, just hit Delete 😡

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