Geekbot is simple on the surface, but the surprises run deep 🤖

Geekbot is your trusty helper, covering all the reporting needs of a distributed team. The bot brings peace of mind for all. It collects the necessary information in the background, running on autopilot in every timezone — making it easy for everyone to find focus and do work that matters 🚀

At a high level, Geekbot is a conversational bot that works in Slack and MS Teams. It manages meetings and reports via non-intrusive surveys that capture key updates, which the bot then broadcasts to a chosen channel.

So yes, Geekbot helps your team stay in-sync across geographies and timezones. But look beneath the bonnet, and you'll discover multi-dimensional benefits that boost collaboration across the board.

🍕 Geekbot Powers Team Coordination

Geekbot keeps your team working as one, thanks to a variety of standups, reports, and (sometimes) anonymous questionnaires:

  • Stay aligned with remote teams via online daily standups

  • Boost productivity by replacing group meetings with asynchronous reports

  • Automate communication and increase team transparency

  • Work in any timezone and to any schedule

🕰️ Geekbot Safeguards Your Time

Geekbot knows time is precious, so it works to take the weight off your shoulders and help you focus on what needs to be done:

  • Ask Geekbot to handle meetings and note-taking

  • Eliminate distractions and get more work done

  • Protect your team from notifications thanks to scheduled updates

  • Keep track of daily tasks as Geekbot itemizes them in a list

🤲 Geekbot Works With You

Geekbot knows when to step in, or when to stand back: it's there to get your team working together, so keep it close and watch the momentum build:

  • Surface struggles and blockers, then focus on what's important

  • Dive into the detail or step back to see the bigger picture

  • Keep your team engaged through transparent workflows

  • Stay in touch, even if you work in a globally distributed team

🤓 Geekbot Shares What You Want To know

Geekbot gets you the insights you need, collecting information on team progress, and sharing it in a way that's easy to interpret:

  • See aggregated feedback on team progress

  • Use the data as an input for further analysis

  • Collect summaries of standup reports in one place

  • Get all the information you need to work effectively

Summing up: Geekbot is easy to implement and simple to understand.

...meaning, the more you let Geekbot work with your team, the more it can supercharge your daily routine. Take the bot for a spin and see what the geekier side of Slack or MS Teams can do for your team's productivity 🙌

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