Remote work is the future of work, we all know that 😉. Whether you work in a remote-first or remote-friendly company. Or you're making the gradual shift to working from home. Geekbot is your trusty helper, covering all the reporting needs of a distributed team.

The bot brings peace of mind for all. It collects the necessary information in the background, running on autopilot in every timezone — making it easy for everyone to find focus and do work that matters 🚀

Here are a few things that Geekbot loves:

  • Daily Standup Meetings: Geekbot runs daily standups on Slack and MS Teams to save your team from time-consuming (often unnecessary!) virtual meetings

  • Retrospectives: like standups, Geekbot runs retrospectives to any schedule, logging every report and sharing key insights via the Geekbot dashboard

  • Instant Transparency: Geekbot loves teams that communicate, so it broadcasts standup reports to a chosen Slack/MS Teams channel for participants to read in their own time

  • Asynchronous Reporting: Geekbot doesn't sleep, it gives team members the flexibility to report at any time, letting work happen across timezones

  • Surfacing Blockers: Geekbot asks the team what's blocking their work (and if they need someone's help), highlighting hurdles and keeping tasks moving

  • Feeling Connected: Geekbot can talk about more than work, using quizzes to unearth personal interests and foster a stronger work culture

OK, we'll admit it... remote work may not be everyone's future 🙄. That's why Geekbot has the tools to serve those who sit together. See how it powers workflows for co-located teams and bring the bot to workspaces across the world 🌏

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