In a world where data is life, you wouldn’t want important information to just vanish into the ether. Geekbot stops this happening by logging every last detail, even if a standup takes place offline.

Geekbot can store data against whatever the team has discussed during any meeting. Meaning anyone can request a quick rundown of essential items, without disturbing teammates, as soon as the meeting is over — this includes:

  • Asking Geekbot “Who has been working on the 'Peekaboo’ fix this week?' without searching through notes or bugging teammates

  • Accessing analytics on task progress, blockers, topic clusters, and team happiness (then jumping to the rescue of those in peril!)

  • Getting weekly email summaries of every survey’s responses to finally reduce the reporting overhead

  • Holding yourself accountable to whatever your team has planned to accomplish today by seeing it written down in your Geekbot to-do list

  • Staying up-to-date on your team's status if you miss a face-to-face meeting for any reason

While Geekbot is a standup maestro, it has several other tricks up its sleeve ✨

Its collection of surveys and quizzes can complement any work process, even if you spend most of your days sat shoulder-to-shoulder with your teammates.

  • Meeting Minutes: create a rundown of what's happened during every meeting, whether hosted online or offline and let anyone access it at any time

  • Retrospectives: reflect on what went well, what went not so well, and what you can improve, then watch Geekbot consolidate the responses for you to review in a face-to-face meeting

  • Anonymous Surveys: collect feedback from employees via an anonymous survey or run 1:1 meetings in a private Slack channel (soon to be released on MS Teams)

Geekbot works well, whether you sit together or sit apart. It's there to help you track progress, take some reporting weight off your shoulders, and help your team get more done — without ever having to change how you work! 💫

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